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[The Terran Empire] The Terran Empire (TTE)

    Regular expansion of 62 virtual cards published by The Continuing Committee (2016-11-25).

    Overview card types:
    DilemmaEquipmentEventFacilityIncidentMissionObjectivePersonnelShipTacticTime Location
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    ST1E 31 V 1VirtualDilemma
    ST1E 31 V 2VirtualDilemma
    ST1E 31 V 3VirtualDilemma
    ST1E 31 V 4VirtualDilemma
    ST1E 31 V 5VirtualDilemma
    ST1E 31 V 6VirtualEquipment
    ST1E 31 V 7VirtualEvent
    ST1E 31 V 8VirtualEvent
    ST1E 31 V 9VirtualEvent
    ST1E 31 V 10VirtualEvent
    ST1E 31 V 11VirtualEvent
    ST1E 31 V 12VirtualEvent
    ST1E 31 V 13VirtualEvent
    ST1E 31 V 14VirtualEvent
    ST1E 31 V 15VirtualEvent
    ST1E 31 V 16VirtualFacilityStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 17VirtualFacilityStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 18VirtualFacilityStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 19VirtualIncident
    ST1E 31 V 20VirtualIncident
    ST1E 31 V 21VirtualIncident
    ST1E 31 V 22VirtualMission
    ST1E 31 V 23VirtualMission
    ST1E 31 V 24VirtualMission
    ST1E 31 V 25VirtualMission
    ST1E 31 V 26VirtualMission
    ST1E 21 V 27VirtualMission
    ST1E 31 V 28VirtualMission
    ST1E 31 V 29VirtualObjective
    ST1E 31 V 30VirtualObjective
    ST1E 31 V 31VirtualObjective
    ST1E 31 V 32VirtualObjective
    ST1E 31 V 33VirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 31 V 34VirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 31 V 35VirtualPersonnelNon-Aligned icon
    ST1E 31 V 36VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 37VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 38VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 39VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 40VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 41
    Commander Archerimage (first print)
    VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 42VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon Vulcan icon
    ST1E 31 V 43VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 44VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 45VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 46VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 47VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 48VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon Vulcan icon
    ST1E 31 V 49VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 50
    Ensign Kelbyimage (errata)
    VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 51VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 52VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 53VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 54VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 55VirtualPersonnelStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 56VirtualShipFederation icon
    ST1E 31 V 57VirtualShipStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 58VirtualShipStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 59VirtualShipStarfleet icon
    ST1E 31 V 60VirtualTactic
    ST1E 31 V 61VirtualTime Location
    ST1E 31 V 62VirtualTime Location

    The Continuing Committee is proud to bring you The Terran Empire a sixty-two (62) card First Edition virtual expansion. Celebrate the birth of the Imperials in the Mirror Quadrant with the final expansion in the Mirror Block. Players will have many options in the dark alternate universe. Follow a lowly member of the crew through promotions and deception until they become Emperor (or Empress), or perhaps take command of a futuristic starship and use it to dominate the spaceline. Use the tools around you before they disappear, and try to get by with limited resources in your hand. The Mirror Quadrant is not a place for the faint of heart!

    "This isn't like you, Jonathan. You never lusted for power and glory. That's why I trusted you at my side all these years – because you have no ambition!"
    - Captain Forrest, to Commander Archer

    The Continuing Committee is pleased to announce the long-awaited third expansion in the Mirror Block, The Terran Empire. The teams behind the scenes (Design, Art, Story, and Rules) used the extra time well, and expanded the set by a full extra page of nine cards. We are pleased to announce that 62, all new First Edition cards will be released on November 25th and will then be legal for tournament play on December 2nd, 2016.

    by Dan Hamman, 1E Design Team

    14th November 2016