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[Promotion Cards] Promotion Cards (Promo)

Special set of 147 cards published by Decipher (Spring 2002 - Summer 2007).

Overview card types:
AllyArtifactCompanionConditionEventMinionPossessionSiteThe One Ring
   Overview rarities:

UCT-IDNamesort iconRarityTypeFaction
LotR 0 P 1[?]The Prancing Pony (reprint)PromotionOrt
LotR 0 P 2[?]Bill the Pony (reprint)PromotionAusrüstungShire faction
LotR 0 P 3[?]Fireworks (reprint)PromotionEreignisGandalf faction
LotR 0 P 4[?]Council Courtyard (reprint)PromotionOrt
LotR 0 P 5[?]Horn of Boromir (reprint)PromotionAusrüstungGondor faction
LotR 0 P 6[?]Balin's Tomb (reprint)PromotionOrt
LotR 0 P 7[?]Book of Mazarbul (reprint)PromotionAusrüstungDwarven faction
LotR 0 P 8[?]Galadriel's Glade (reprint)PromotionOrt
LotR 0 P 9[?]Phial of Galadriel (reprint)PromotionAusrüstungElven faction
LotR 0 P 10[?]The Balrog, Durin's Bane (reprint)PromotionKnechtMoria faction
LotR 0 P 11[?]Saruman, Servant of the Eye (reprint)PromotionKnechtIsengard faction
LotR 0 P 12[?]Gimli, Son of Gloin (reprint)PromotionGefährteDwarven faction
LotR 0 P 13[?]Legolas, Greenleaf (reprint)PromotionGefährteElven faction
LotR 0 P 14[?]Aragorn, Ranger of the North (reprint)PromotionGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 P 15[?]Legolas, Son of Thranduil (reprint)PromotionGefährteElven faction
LotR 0 P 16A[?]Faramir, Son of Denethor (reprint)PromotionGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 P 16B[?]Faramir, Son of Denethor (reprint)Promotion FoilGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 P 17A[?]Éowyn, Lady of Rohan (reprint)PromotionGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 17B[?]Éowyn, Lady of Rohan (reprint)Promotion FoilGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 18A[?]Sméagol, Old Noser (reprint)PromotionGefährteGollum faction
LotR 0 P 18B[?]Sméagol, Old Noser (reprint)Promotion FoilGefährteGollum faction
LotR 0 P 19[?]Théoden, King of the Golden Hall (reprint)PromotionGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 20[?]Black Rider (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 21Treebeard, Guardian of the Forest (reprint)PromotionGefährteGandalf faction
LotR 0 P 22A[?]Fell Beast (reprint)PromotionAusrüstungRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 22B[?]Fell Beast (reprint)Promotion FoilAusrüstungRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 23[?]Aragorn, Captain of Gondor (reprint)PromotionGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 P 24[?]Legolas, Elven Stalwart (reprint)PromotionGefährteElven faction
LotR 0 P 25[?]Denethor, Wizened Steward (reprint)PromotionGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 P 26[?]Gandalf, Defender of the West (reprint)PromotionGefährteGandalf faction
LotR 0 P 27Frodo, Resolute HobbitPromotionGefährteShire faction
LotR 0 P 28[?]Arwen, Fair Elf Maiden (reprint)PromotionGefährteElven faction
LotR 0 P 29[?]Éowyn, Dernhelm (reprint)PromotionGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 30[?]The Balrog, Terror of Flame and Shadow (reprint)PromotionKnechtMoria faction
LotR 0 P 31[?]The Pale Blade (reprint)PromotionAusrüstungRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 32[?]Gandalf, Mithrandir (reprint)PromotionGefährteGandalf faction
LotR 0 P 33[?]Firefoot (reprint)PromotionAusrüstungRohan faction
LotR 0 P 34[?]Gimli's Helm (reprint)PromotionAusrüstungDwarven faction
LotR 0 P 35Faramir, Captain of Gondor (reprint)PromotionGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 P 36[?]Whip of Many Thongs (reprint)PromotionArtefaktMoria faction
LotR 0 P 37[?]The Witch-king, Lord of the Nazgul (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 38[?]Gandalf's Staff, Walking Stick (reprint)PromotionArtefaktGandalf faction
LotR 0 P 39[?]Eowyn, Sister-daughter of Théoden (reprint)PromotionGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 40[?]Axe of Erebor (reprint)PromotionAusrüstungDwarven faction
LotR 0 P 41[?]Aragorn's Bow (reprint)PromotionAusrüstungGondor faction
LotR 0 P 42[?]The Balrog's Sword (reprint)PromotionArtefaktMoria faction
LotR 0 P 43[?]Úlairë Nelya, Ringwraith in Twilight (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 44[?]Glamdring, Lightning Brand (reprint)PromotionAusrüstungGandalf faction
LotR 0 P 45[?]Éomer, Third Marshal of Riddermark (reprint)PromotionGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 46[?]Gimli, Skilled Defender (reprint)PromotionGefährteDwarven faction
LotR 0 P 47[?]Aragorn, Defender of Free Peoples (reprint)PromotionGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 P 48Shelob, Last Child of Ungoliant (reprint)PromotionKnechtGollum faction
LotR 0 P 49[?]Éomer, Keeper of Oaths (reprint)PromotionGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 50[?]Glorfindel, Revealed in Wrath (reprint)PromotionGefährteElven faction
LotR 0 P 51[?]Radagast, The Brown (reprint)PromotionGefährteGandalf faction
LotR 0 P 52[?]Goldberry, River-daughter (reprint)PromotionVerbündeterShire faction
LotR 0 P 53[?]Tom Bombadil, The Master (reprint)PromotionVerbündeterShire faction
LotR 0 P 54[?]Sauron, The Lord of the Rings (reprint)PromotionKnechtSauron faction
LotR 0 P 55[?]Gorgoroth Swarm (reprint)PromotionKnechtSauron faction
LotR 0 P 56Ghân-buri-Ghân, Chieftain of the WosesPromotionGefährteGandalf faction
LotR 0 P 57Radagast's StaffPromotionArtefaktGandalf faction
LotR 0 P 58Anárion, Lord of AnorienPromotionGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 P 59Erkenbrand, Master of WestfoldPromotionGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 60Tom Bombadil's HatPromotionAusrüstungShire faction
LotR 0 P 61[?]The Witch-king, Black Captain (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 62Gimli, Dwarven DelegatePromotionGefährteDwarven faction
LotR 0 P 63Arwen, Maiden of Rivendell (first print)PromotionGefährteElven faction
LotR 0 P 64Gandalf, Stormcrow (first print)PromotionGefährteGandalf faction
LotR 0 P 65Boromir, Steward's HeirPromotionGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 P 66Eomer, Forthwith Banished (first print)PromotionGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 67Frodo, Mr. UnderhillPromotionGefährteShire faction
LotR 0 P 68[?]The One Ring, The Binding Ring (reprint)PromotionDer Eine Ring
LotR 0 P 69[?]Nocked (reprint)PromotionEreignisElven faction
LotR 0 P 70[?]Gandalf, Leader of the Company (reprint)Tournament FoilGefährteGandalf faction
LotR 0 P 71[?]Boromir, Hero of Osgiliath (reprint)Tournament FoilGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 P 72[?]Bow of Minas Tirith (reprint)Tournament FoilAusrüstungGondor faction
LotR 0 P 73[?]Armored Easterling (reprint)Tournament FoilKnechtMen faction
LotR 0 P 74[?]Poleaxe (reprint)Tournament FoilAusrüstungMen faction
LotR 0 P 75[?]Champion Orc (reprint)Tournament FoilKnechtOrc faction
LotR 0 P 76[?]Spurred to Battle (reprint)Tournament FoilBedingungOrc faction
LotR 0 P 77[?]Riders of the Mark (reprint)Tournament FoilGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 78[?]Sam, Steadfast Friend (reprint)Tournament FoilGefährteShire faction
LotR 0 P 79[?]Arwen, Staunch Defender (reprint)PromotionGefährteElven faction
LotR 0 P 80[?]Éomer, Éored Leader (reprint)PromotionGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 81[?]Úlairë Toldëa, Black Shadow (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 82[?]The Witch-king's Beast, Fell Creature (reprint)PromotionAusrüstungRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 83[?]Úlairë Attëa, Second of the Nine Riders (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 84[?]Sting, Weapon of Heritage (reprint)PromotionAusrüstungShire faction
LotR 0 P 85Olog-Hai BestialPromotionKnechtOrc faction
LotR 0 P 86[?]Pippin, Brave Decoy (reprint)PromotionGefährteShire faction
LotR 0 P 87[?]Legolas, Companion of the Ring (reprint)PromotionGefährteElven faction
LotR 0 P 88[?]Éowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan (reprint)PromotionGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 89[?]Jarnsmid, Barding Emissary (reprint)Tournament FoilGefährteGandalf faction
LotR 0 P 90[?]Vapour and Steam (reprint)Tournament FoilBedingungGandalf faction
LotR 0 P 91[?]Massing Strength (reprint)Tournament FoilEreignisOrc faction
LotR 0 P 92[?]Morgul Tormentor (reprint)Tournament FoilKnechtOrc faction
LotR 0 P 93[?]Farmer Maggot, Hobbit of the Marish (reprint)Tournament FoilGefährteShire faction
LotR 0 P 94Mithril-coat, Dwarf-mail (reprint)Tournament FoilArtefaktShire faction
LotR 0 P 95[?]Saruman, Agent of the Dark Lord (reprint)Tournament FoilKnechtUruk-hai faction
LotR 0 P 96[?]Keening Wail (reprint)Tournament FoilEreignisRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 97[?]Úlairë Nelya, Third of the Nine Riders (reprint)Tournament FoilKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 98[?]Úlairë Lemenya, Black Enemy (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 99[?]Úlairë Nelya, Black Hunter (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 100[?]The Mouth of Sauron, Messenger of Mordor (reprint)PromotionKnechtMen faction
LotR 0 P 101[?]Orophin, Brother of Haldir (reprint)PromotionGefährteElven faction
LotR 0 P 102[?]Gríma, Footman of Saruman (reprint)PromotionKnechtMen faction
LotR 0 P 103Úlairë Otsëa, Zwarte SchimPromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 104[?]Saruman, of Many Colours (reprint)PromotionKnechtIsengard faction
LotR 0 P 105[?]Úlairë Otsëa, Seventh of the Nine Riders (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 106[?]Háma, Captain of the King's Guard (reprint)PromotionGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 107[?]Guard of the White Tree (reprint)PromotionGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 P 108[?]The Witch-king, Captain of the Nine Riders (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 109[?]Úlairë Attëa, Second of the Nine Riders (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 110[?]Úlairë Nelya, Third of the Nine Riders (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 111[?]Úlairë Cantëa, Fourth of the Nine Riders (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 112[?]Úlairë Lemenya, Fifth of the Nine Riders (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 113[?]Úlairë Enquëa, Sixth of the Nine Riders (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 114[?]Úlairë Otsëa, Seventh of the Nine Riders (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 115[?]Úlairë Toldëa, Eighth of the Nine Riders (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 116[?]Úlairë Nertëa, Ninth of the Nine Riders (reprint)PromotionKnechtRingwraith faction
LotR 0 P 117[?]Faramir, Prince of Ithilien (reprint)PromotionGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 P 118[?]Eowyn, Restless Warrior (reprint)PromotionGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 119[?]Isildur, Heir of Elendil (reprint)PromotionGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 P 120[?]Isengard Marauder (reprint)PromotionKnechtOrc faction
LotR 0 P 121[?]Covetous Uruk (reprint)PromotionKnechtUruk-hai faction
LotR 0 P 122Haldir, Sentry of the Golden Wood (reprint)PromotionGefährteElven faction
LotR 0 P 123[?]Gimli, Eager Hunter (reprint)PromotionGefährteDwarven faction
LotR 0 P 124Legolas, Fleet-footed Hunter (reprint)PromotionGefährteElven faction
LotR 0 P 125[?]Aragorn, Swift Hunter (reprint)PromotionGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 P 126[?]Lurtz, Now Perfected (reprint)PromotionKnechtUruk-hai faction
LotR 0 P 127[?]Aragorn, Defender of Rohan (reprint)PromotionGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 P 128[?]Primitive Brand (reprint)PromotionAusrüstungMen faction
LotR 0 P 129Watcher at Sarn Ford, Ranger of the North (reprint)PromotionGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 D 1[?]Buckland Homestead (reprint)DGMA PromoOrt
LotR 0 D 2[?]Caras Galadhon (reprint)DGMA PromoOrt
LotR 0 D 3[?]Cavern Entrance (reprint)DGMA PromoOrt
LotR 0 D 4[?]Neekerbreekers' Bog (reprint)DGMA PromoOrt
LotR 0 D 5[?]Theodred, Second Marshal of the Mark (reprint)DGMA PromoGefährteRohan faction
LotR 0 D 6[?]Elendil, High-King of Gondor (reprint)DGMA PromoGefährteGondor faction
LotR 0 D 7[?]Ordnance Grunt (reprint)DGMA PromoKnechtOrc faction
LotR 0 D 8A[?]Bilbo, Aged Ring-bearer (reprint)DGMA PromoGefährteShire faction
LotR 0 D 9[error]Breeding Pit of Isengard (reprint)DGMA PromoOrt
LotR 0 D 10[error]City of Kings (reprint)DGMA PromoOrt
LotR 0 D 11[error]Pinnacle of Zirakzigil (reprint)DGMA PromoOrt
LotR 0 D 12[error]The Prancing Pony (reprint)DGMA PromoOrt
LotR 0 D 13[error]Falls of Rauros (reprint)DGMA PromoOrt
LotR 0 D 14[error]Imladriss (reprint)DGMA PromoOrt

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