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[Siege of Gondor] Siege of Gondor (SoG)

    Regular expansion of 244 physical cards published by Decipher (2004/03/10).

    Overview card types:
       Overview rarities:

    UCT-IDNamesort descendingRarityTypeAffiliation
    LotR 8 C 1[?]Aggression (first print)CommonBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 8 R 2[?]Battle In Earnest (first print)RareEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 R 3[?]Blood Runs Chill (first print)RareEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 U 4[?]Counts But One (first print)UncommonEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 C 5[?]Gimli, Counter of Foes (first print)CommonGefährteDwarven icon
    LotR 8 C 6[?]Honed (first print)CommonEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 R 7[?]Unheard Of (first print)RareEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 U 8[?]Wish For Our Kinfolk (first print)UncommonBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 8 U 9[?]A Grey Ship (first print)UncommonEreignisElven icon
    LotR 8 C 10[?]Legolas, Elven Stalwart (first print)CommonGefährteElven icon
    LotR 8 R 11[?]Life of the Eldar (first print)RareEreignisElven icon
    LotR 8 R 12[?]Reckless We Rode (first print)RareEreignisElven icon
    LotR 8 U 13[?]Shake Off the Shadow (first print)UncommonBedingungElven icon
    LotR 8 C 14[?]A Fool (first print)CommonEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 R 15[?]Gandalf, Leader of Men (first print)RareGefährteGandalf icon
    LotR 8 U 16[?]Let Us Not Tarry (first print)UncommonEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 U 17[?]Mighty Steed (first print)UncommonEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 U 18[?]Not the First Halfling (first print)UncommonBedingungGandalf icon
    LotR 8 U 19[?]On Your Doorstep (first print)UncommonEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 R 20[?]Saved From the Fire (first print)RareEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 R 21[?]Shadowfax, Greatheart (first print)RareAusrüstungGandalf icon
    LotR 8 C 22[?]Hidden Even From Her (first print)CommonBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 8 U 23[?]Larder (first print)UncommonAusrüstungGollum icon
    LotR 8 R 24[?]Promise Keeping (first print)RareBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 8 R 25[?]Shelob, Eater of Light (first print)RareKnechtGollum icon
    LotR 8 C 26Shelob, Last Child of Ungoliant (first print)CommonKnechtGollum icon
    LotR 8 R 27Sméagol, Slippery Sneak (first print)RareGefährteGollum icon
    LotR 8 C 28[?]Spider Poison (first print)CommonAusrüstungGollum icon
    LotR 8 U 29[?]Still Far Ahead (first print)UncommonEreignisGollum icon
    LotR 8 C 30[?]Web (first print)CommonAusrüstungGollum icon
    LotR 8 C 31[?]At His Command (first print)CommonEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 8 R 32[?]Catapult (first print)RareAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 8 R 33[?]Elessar's Edict (first print)RareEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 34[?]Faramir, Defender of Osgiliath (first print)CommonGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 35[?]Fourth Level (first print)CommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 R 36[?]Garrison of Gondor (first print)RareGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 R 37[?]Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth (first print)RareGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 R 38[?]King of the Dead, Oathbreaker (first print)RareGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 39[?]Knight of Dol Amroth (first print)CommonGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 40[?]Knight's Mount (first print)CommonAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 41[?]Oathbreaker (first print)CommonGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 U 42[?]A Path Appointed (first print)UncommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 R 43[?]Shadow Host (first print)RareGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 U 44[?]Sixth Level (first print)UncommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 U 45[?]Sleepless Dead (first print)UncommonGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 U 46[?]Spectral Sword (first print)UncommonAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 47[?]Stronger and More Terrible (first print)CommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 C 48[?]Swept Away (first print)CommonBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 R 49[?]Black Númenorean (first print)RareKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 50[?]Black Sails of Umbar (first print)CommonAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 R 51[?]Castamir of Umbar (first print)RareKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 52[?]Corsair Ballista (first print)CommonAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 53[?]Corsair Buccaneer (first print)CommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 54[?]Corsair Freebooter (first print)CommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 55[?]Corsair Gunners (first print)CommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 U 56[?]Corsair Lookout (first print)UncommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 R 57[?]Corsair Marauder (first print)RareKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 58[?]Corsair Plunderer (first print)CommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 U 59[?]Corsair War Galley (first print)UncommonAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 U 60[?]Haradrim Marksman (first print)UncommonKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 61[?]Haradwaith (first print)CommonBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 8 R 62[?]Heavy Axeman (first print)RareKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 63[?]Line of Defense (first print)CommonBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 8 U 64[?]Mûmakil (first print)UncommonAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 R 65[?]Ships of Great Draught (first print)RareAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 C 66[?]Wind That Sped Ships (first print)CommonEreignisRaider icon
    LotR 8 R 67[?]Between Nazgûl and Prey (first print)RareEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 R 68[?]Beyond All Darkness (first print)RareEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 69[?]Black Dart (first print)UncommonBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 R 70[?]Black Flail (first print)RareAusrüstungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 71[?]Flung Into the Fray (first print)UncommonBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 R 72[?]Gothmog, Morgul Commander (first print)RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 73[?]Mastered By Madness (first print)UncommonEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 C 74[?]Morgul Ambusher (first print)CommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 C 75[?]Morgul Creeper (first print)CommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 C 76[?]Morgul Lurker (first print)CommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 R 77[?]Morgul Squealer (first print)RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 78[?]Streaming to the Field (first print)UncommonBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 79[?]Úlairë Attëa, Thrall of The One (first print)UncommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 80[?]Úlairë Nertëa, Thrall of The One (first print)UncommonKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 R 81[?]Úlairë Otsëa, Thrall of The One (first print)RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 82[?]Unhindered (first print)UncommonEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 83[?]Winged Mount (first print)UncommonAusrüstungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 R 84[?]The Witch-king, Black Captain (first print)RareKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 U 85[?]Charged Headlong (first print)UncommonEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 8 U 86[?]Doom Drove Them (first print)UncommonBedingungRohan icon
    LotR 8 C 87[?]Éomer, Keeper of Oaths (first print)CommonGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 8 R 88[?]Éowyn's Shield (reprint)RareAusrüstungRohan icon
    LotR 8 C 89[?]Fury of the Northmen (first print)CommonEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 8 C 90[?]No Living Man (first print)CommonEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 8 R 91[?]Rohirrim Army (first print)RareGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 8 R 92[?]Théoden, Tall and Proud (first print)RareGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 8 R 93[?]Called Away (first print)RareBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 8 U 94[?]Gorgoroth Agitator (first print)UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 R 95[?]Gorgoroth Assassin (first print)RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 R 96[?]Gorgoroth Berserker (first print)RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 U 97[?]Gorgoroth Breaker (first print)UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 U 98[?]Gorgoroth Looter (first print)UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 U 99[?]Gorgoroth Patrol (first print)UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 U 100[?]Gorgoroth Servitor (first print)UncommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 C 101[?]Gorgoroth Stormer (first print)CommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 C 102[?]Great Hill Troll (first print)CommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 R 103[?]Grond, Hammer of the Underworld (first print)RareAusrüstungSauron icon
    LotR 8 C 104[?]Morgai (first print)CommonBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 8 R 105[?]Olog-hai of Mordor (first print)RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 C 106[?]Siege Troop (first print)CommonKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 U 107[?]Their Marching Companies (first print)UncommonBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 8 R 108[?]Troll of Gorgoroth, Abomination of Sauron (first print)RareKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 C 109[?]Closer and Closer He Bent (first print)CommonBedingungShire icon
    LotR 8 U 110[?]Morgai Foothills (first print)UncommonBedingungShire icon
    LotR 8 C 111[?]So Fair, So Desperate (first print)CommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 U 112[?]Song of the Shire (first print)UncommonBedingungShire icon
    LotR 8 R 113[?]Sting, Bane of the Eight Legs (first print)RareAusrüstungShire icon
    LotR 8 C 114[?]Straining Towards Us (first print)CommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 R 115[?]Unheeded (first print)RareEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 C 116[?]We Shall Meet Again Soon (first print)CommonEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 U 117[?]The Dimholt (first print)UncommonOrt
    LotR 8 U 118[?]City of the Dead (first print)UncommonOrt
    LotR 8 U 119[?]Crashed Gate (first print)UncommonOrt
    LotR 8 U 120[?]Osgiliath Channel (first print)UncommonOrt
    LotR 8 P 121[?]Merry, Noble Warrior (first print)PromotionGefährteShire icon
    LotR 8 P 122[?]Pippin, Guard of Minas Tirith (first print)PromotionGefährteShire icon
    LotR 8 CF 1[?]Aggression (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 8 RF 2[?]Battle In Earnest (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 RF 3[?]Blood Runs Chill (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 UF 4[?]Counts But One (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 CF 5[?]Gimli, Counter of Foes (reprint)Subset Common FoilGefährteDwarven icon
    LotR 8 CF 6[?]Honed (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 RF 7[?]Unheard Of (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisDwarven icon
    LotR 8 UF 8[?]Wish For Our Kinfolk (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungDwarven icon
    LotR 8 UF 9[?]A Grey Ship (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisElven icon
    LotR 8 CF 10[?]Legolas, Elven Stalwart (reprint)Subset Common FoilGefährteElven icon
    LotR 8 RF 11[?]Life of the Eldar (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisElven icon
    LotR 8 RF 12[?]Reckless We Rode (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisElven icon
    LotR 8 UF 13[?]Shake Off the Shadow (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungElven icon
    LotR 8 CF 14[?]A Fool (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 RF 15[?]Gandalf, Leader of Men (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteGandalf icon
    LotR 8 UF 16[?]Let Us Not Tarry (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 UF 17[?]Mighty Steed (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 UF 18[?]Not the First Halfling (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungGandalf icon
    LotR 8 UF 19[?]On Your Doorstep (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 RF 20[?]Saved From the Fire (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisGandalf icon
    LotR 8 RF 21[?]Shadowfax, Greatheart (reprint)Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungGandalf icon
    LotR 8 CF 22[?]Hidden Even From Her (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 8 UF 23[?]Larder (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilAusrüstungGollum icon
    LotR 8 RF 24[?]Promise Keeping (reprint)Subset Rare FoilBedingungGollum icon
    LotR 8 RF 25[?]Shelob, Eater of Light (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtGollum icon
    LotR 8 CF 26Shelob, Last Child of Ungoliant (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtGollum icon
    LotR 8 RF 27Sméagol, Slippery Sneak (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteGollum icon
    LotR 8 CF 28[?]Spider Poison (reprint)Subset Common FoilAusrüstungGollum icon
    LotR 8 UF 29[?]Still Far Ahead (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisGollum icon
    LotR 8 CF 30[?]Web (reprint)Subset Common FoilAusrüstungGollum icon
    LotR 8 CF 31[?]At His Command (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 8 RF 32[?]Catapult (reprint)Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 8 RF 33[?]Elessar's Edict (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisGondor icon
    LotR 8 CF 34[?]Faramir, Defender of Osgiliath (reprint)Subset Common FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 CF 35[?]Fourth Level (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 RF 36[?]Garrison of Gondor (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 RF 37[?]Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 RF 38[?]King of the Dead, Oathbreaker (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 CF 39[?]Knight of Dol Amroth (reprint)Subset Common FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 CF 40[?]Knight's Mount (reprint)Subset Common FoilAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 8 CF 41[?]Oathbreaker (reprint)Subset Common FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 UF 42[?]A Path Appointed (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 RF 43[?]Shadow Host (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 UF 44[?]Sixth Level (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 UF 45[?]Sleepless Dead (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilGefährteGondor icon
    LotR 8 UF 46[?]Spectral Sword (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilAusrüstungGondor icon
    LotR 8 CF 47[?]Stronger and More Terrible (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 CF 48[?]Swept Away (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungGondor icon
    LotR 8 RF 49[?]Black Númenorean (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 50[?]Black Sails of Umbar (reprint)Subset Common FoilAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 RF 51[?]Castamir of Umbar (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 52[?]Corsair Ballista (reprint)Subset Common FoilAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 53[?]Corsair Buccaneer (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 54[?]Corsair Freebooter (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 55[?]Corsair Gunners (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 UF 56[?]Corsair Lookout (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 RF 57[?]Corsair Marauder (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 58[?]Corsair Plunderer (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 UF 59[?]Corsair War Galley (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 UF 60[?]Haradrim Marksman (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 61[?]Haradwaith (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 8 RF 62[?]Heavy Axeman (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 63[?]Line of Defense (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungRaider icon
    LotR 8 UF 64[?]Mûmakil (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 RF 65[?]Ships of Great Draught (reprint)Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungRaider icon
    LotR 8 CF 66[?]Wind That Sped Ships (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisRaider icon
    LotR 8 RF 67[?]Between Nazgûl and Prey (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 RF 68[?]Beyond All Darkness (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 69[?]Black Dart (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 RF 70[?]Black Flail (reprint)Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 71[?]Flung Into the Fray (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 RF 72[?]Gothmog, Morgul Commander (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 73[?]Mastered By Madness (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 CF 74[?]Morgul Ambusher (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 CF 75[?]Morgul Creeper (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 CF 76[?]Morgul Lurker (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 RF 77[?]Morgul Squealer (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 78[?]Streaming to the Field (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 79[?]Úlairë Attëa, Thrall of The One (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 80[?]Úlairë Nertëa, Thrall of The One (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 RF 81[?]Úlairë Otsëa, Thrall of The One (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 82[?]Unhindered (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 83[?]Winged Mount (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilAusrüstungRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 RF 84[?]The Witch-king, Black Captain (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtRingwraith icon
    LotR 8 UF 85[?]Charged Headlong (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 8 UF 86[?]Doom Drove Them (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungRohan icon
    LotR 8 CF 87[?]Éomer, Keeper of Oaths (reprint)Subset Common FoilGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 8 RF 88[?]Éowyn's Shield (reprint)Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungRohan icon
    LotR 8 CF 89[?]Fury of the Northmen (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 8 CF 90[?]No Living Man (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisRohan icon
    LotR 8 RF 91[?]Rohirrim Army (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 8 RF 92[?]Théoden, Tall and Proud (reprint)Subset Rare FoilGefährteRohan icon
    LotR 8 RF 93[?]Called Away (reprint)Subset Rare FoilBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 8 UF 94[?]Gorgoroth Agitator (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 RF 95[?]Gorgoroth Assassin (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 RF 96[?]Gorgoroth Berserker (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 UF 97[?]Gorgoroth Breaker (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 UF 98[?]Gorgoroth Looter (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 UF 99[?]Gorgoroth Patrol (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 UF 100[?]Gorgoroth Servitor (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 CF 101[?]Gorgoroth Stormer (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 CF 102[?]Great Hill Troll (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 RF 103[?]Grond, Hammer of the Underworld (reprint)Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungSauron icon
    LotR 8 CF 104[?]Morgai (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 8 RF 105[?]Olog-hai of Mordor (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 CF 106[?]Siege Troop (reprint)Subset Common FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 UF 107[?]Their Marching Companies (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungSauron icon
    LotR 8 RF 108[?]Troll of Gorgoroth, Abomination of Sauron (reprint)Subset Rare FoilKnechtSauron icon
    LotR 8 CF 109[?]Closer and Closer He Bent (reprint)Subset Common FoilBedingungShire icon
    LotR 8 UF 110[?]Morgai Foothills (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungShire icon
    LotR 8 CF 111[?]So Fair, So Desperate (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 UF 112[?]Song of the Shire (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilBedingungShire icon
    LotR 8 RF 113[?]Sting, Bane of the Eight Legs (reprint)Subset Rare FoilAusrüstungShire icon
    LotR 8 CF 114[?]Straining Towards Us (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 RF 115[?]Unheeded (reprint)Subset Rare FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 CF 116[?]We Shall Meet Again Soon (reprint)Subset Common FoilEreignisShire icon
    LotR 8 UF 117[?]The Dimholt (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilOrt
    LotR 8 UF 118[?]City of the Dead (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilOrt
    LotR 8 UF 119[?]Crashed Gate (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilOrt
    LotR 8 UF 120[?]Osgiliath Channel (reprint)Subset Uncommon FoilOrt
    LotR 8 PF 121[?]Merry, Noble Warrior (reprint)Promotion FoilGefährteShire icon
    LotR 8 PF 122[?]Pippin, Guard of Minas Tirith (reprint)Promotion FoilGefährteShire icon

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