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FK Groups

In this section we give you an overview of all Fight Klub ocGroups registered on openCards. Each group must define one or more dedicated games - this imformation is used here to filter the ocGroups of FK purpose.
Each openCards member can create ocGroups under his or her myOpenCards section "ocGroups". You can use ocGroups e.g. to organize the next date for private play meeting, for discussion about specific topics or for Tournament announcements. But keep in mind: ocGroups are open for each openCards member by default.

Group NameLeaderLocationCityCountry# Members
Releasewechsel Test openCardsWebMasterUniversal Card ToolsBremenDE6
Fight Klub DeutschlandTelakUniversal Card ToolsBremenDE1
Fight Klub on openCardsWebMasterUniversal Card ToolsBremenDE2