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Universal Card Tools


Universal Card Tools
Bismarckstr. 87
28203 Bremen / Bremen

Contact persons

Ulf Benjes
Email: webmaster@open-cards.com
Phone: +49 421 1690835


The following tournaments have taken place at this location or are planned there in the fututre:

Bremen #68image2012-03-18Telak
Bremen #67 - "Standard ST2E Constructed"image2012-02-05Telak
Bremen #66 - "Standard ST2E Constructed"image2011-12-04Telak
Bremen #65 - "ST1E Jubiläumsturnier 2011"image2011-08-21Telak
Bremen #64 - Regional 2011 (Standard ST2E Constructed)image2011-06-19Telak
Bremen #63 - "Standard ST2E Constructed"image2011-03-27Telak
Bremen #62 - "Standard ST2E Constructed"image2011-02-06Telak
Bremen #61 - Chairman's Challenge VIIimage2010-11-28Telak
Bremen #60 - "WM warm up"image2010-09-26Telak
Bremen 2010 Regionalimage2010-05-30Telak
Bremen #58image2010-02-07Telak
Bremen #56image2008-12-30Telak
Bremen #55image2008-10-12Telak
Bremen #54image2008-09-07Telak
Bremen #53image2008-07-13Telak
Bremen #52image2008-02-03Telak
Bremen #51 (Neujahrsturnier)image2007-12-29Telak
Bremen #49 (DLM 2007)image2007-03-25Telak
Bremen #48image2006-12-28Telak

Groups at this location

Group nameEstablished beforeLeaderRelated Games
Bremer Turnier News15 years 5 monthsTelakimage image 
Releasewechsel Test openCards15 years 2 monthsWebMasterimage image image image 
New's about openCards Tools15 years 1 monthWebMasterimage image 
openCards Writer Team15 years 1 monthWebMasterimage image 
ST2E writing team14 years 10 monthsTelakimage 
Fight Klub Deutschland13 years 8 monthsTelakimage 
Fight Klub on openCards13 years 8 monthsWebMasterimage