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European Continentals 2007 (Berlin - Germany)


Invitation text:

This year is special for Decipher’s current card games as the European Continental Championships for both Star Trek 2nd Edition CCG and Lord of the Rings TCG get a real face-lift in terms of organization.


For the following 14 weeks till European Continental Championships take place this site will be your primary resource of information about the event itself, how to get there, where to have fun aside from tournaments, which deck to play and what kind of strategy to face. A great team of talented writers and passionate tournament players will make these 14 weeks really short for you. Regular articles being released each Monday, Wednesday and Friday feature

  • General information like travel, entertainment and accommodation
  • EC 2007 strategy like current decks and metagame article (use filter "Event" for Card-Reviews and Strategy article)
  • Interviews with Europe’s top players (use filter "Event" in the Interview section)

and more…

With years of experience in running tournaments, organizing special prizes and playing the games at its best the people behind EC 2007 have over four month to prepare an event that exceeds all its predecessors – and they make real use of that time! With masses of prizes already prepared and more to come this year’s EC makes the trip worth it for everyone. A both demanding and entertaining schedule of high-level tournaments and side-events allows player from all over Europe to compete against the best. And all that in the centre of Berlin having the comfort of first class rooms and an air-conditioned tournament area!

So what’s next? Find out here on openCards and be prepared for the European Continental Championships 2007!

Thorsten Wanek
Project manager EC 2007

SATURDAY - 2007-07-21
EC 2007 - Day 1 (Constructed / 7 rounds / 34 participants)
Winner: Vladimir Vrbrata - Runner-Up: Sonny

SUNDAY - 2007-07-22
EC 2007 - Day 2 (Constructed / 4 rounds / 16 participants)