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ST2E - Tournament database

    Tournaments hold by Thorsten Wanek (Jaglom Shrek):

    13 completed Tournaments found (by rules of Decipher).

    Dec 15th, 2007Hannover WeihnachtsturnierJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Nov 3rd, 2007Hannover #89Jaglom ShrekGermany
    Oct 14th, 2007Celle #92Jaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 23rd, 2007Random Affiliation ConstructedJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Nov 24th, 2007Dangerous Missions DraftJaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 25th, 20072E Farpoint DraftJaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 23rd, 2007Mercenary DraftJaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 23rd, 2007Team Multiplayer ChampionshipJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Jul 22nd, 2007EC 2007 - Day 2Jaglom ShrekGermanyimageimageimage
    Jul 21st, 2007EC 2007 - Day 1Jaglom ShrekGermany
    May 28th, 2006Deutsche ST2E Meisterschaften 2006 - FinalsJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    May 27th, 2006Deutsche ST2E Meisterschaften 2006 - Day 1Jaglom ShrekGermany
    Jun 5th, 2005Deutschen Meisterschaft 2005Jaglom ShrekGermanyimage

    70 completed Tournaments found (by rules of trekcc).

    Sep 21st, 2013Hannover 2E Constructed Cards & Cocktails TurnierJaglom ShrekGermany
    Mar 16th, 2013Hannover Frühjahrsturnier 2013Jaglom ShrekGermany
    Jan 7th, 2012Celler Heilige Drei Könige TurnierJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Dec 18th, 2010Hannover WeihnachtsturnierJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Nov 7th, 2010GRAND PRIX XI - Limited WelcomeJaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 6th, 2010GRAND PRIX XI - Last Man StandingJaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 6th, 2010GRAND PRIX XI - Back to the FutureJaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 6th, 2010GRAND PRIX XI - Main EventJaglom ShrekGermanyimageimage
    Nov 5th, 2010GRAND PRIX XI - Virtual OnlyJaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 5th, 2010GRAND PRIX XI - TeamPlayJaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 5th, 2010GRAND PRIX XI - Epic BattleJaglom ShrekGermany
    Jan 2nd, 2011Celler NeujahrsturnierJaglom ShrekGermany
    Aug 1st, 2010Frankfurter Sommer TurnierJaglom ShrekGermany
    Feb 20th, 2010Koblenz TurnierJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Feb 28th, 2010Spontanturnier in HannoverJaglom ShrekGermany
    Jan 16th, 2010Welcome Back TournamentJaglom ShrekGermanyimageimage
    Dec 13th, 2009Frankfurter WeihnachtsturnierJaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 28th, 2009Frankfurt Calling Reloaded - Pre-Christmas ...Jaglom ShrekGermany
    Oct 11th, 2009Masters of the UniverseJaglom ShrekGermany
    Oct 10th, 2009Orion Slave DraftJaglom ShrekGermany
    Oct 10th, 2009Girls UnitedJaglom ShrekGermany
    Oct 10th, 2009Grand PrixJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Oct 9th, 2009IronManJaglom ShrekGermany
    Oct 9th, 2009Team Challenge MultiplayerJaglom ShrekGermanyimageimage
    Oct 9th, 2009Double-Bladed-DuelJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Sep 5th, 2009Tjark's InvitationalJaglom ShrekGermany
    Sep 26th, 2009Frankfurt Calling - by Invitation of an Old CaptainJaglom ShrekGermany
    Aug 29th, 2009Royal ChallengeJaglom ShrekGermany
    Aug 9th, 2009European Continental 2009 - Day 2Jaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Jun 11th, 2009Nienburg OpeningJaglom ShrekGermanyimageimage
    May 9th, 2009DLM 2009: KasselcwlborgGermany
    May 3rd, 2009DLM 2009: HamburgremataklanGermanyimage
    May 2nd, 2009Regional 2009: Arnheim (L1)Jaglom ShrekNetherlands
    Mar 28th, 2009DLM 2009: StuttgartRekarGermanyimage
    Jul 26th, 2009Hannover 100 - The Big Goodbye JubiläumsturnierJaglom ShrekGermanyimageimage
    Jun 21st, 2009Deutsche Meisterschaft 2009 - Day 2Jaglom ShrekGermanyimageimageimage
    Jun 20th, 2009Deutsche Meisterschaft 2009 - Day 1Jaglom ShrekGermanyimageimageimage
    Apr 5th, 2009Regional 2009: Celle (L2)Jaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Mar 21st, 2009DLM 2009: DessaubashircommanderGermanyimageimage
    Mar 14th, 2009DLM 2009: KoblenzthschGermany
    Feb 28th, 2009DLM 2009: ErlangeneberlemsGermany
    May 16th, 2009DLM & Regional 2009: Berlin (L1)Jaglom ShrekGermanyimageimageimage
    May 16th, 2009DLM & Regional 2009: Berlin (L1)Jaglom ShrekGermanyimageimageimage
    Apr 18th, 2009DLM 2009: MünsterJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Mar 8th, 2009DLM 2009: CelleJaglom ShrekGermanyimageimage
    Feb 22nd, 2009Celle #100 - Raise the Stakes DraftJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Nov 23rd, 2008GP2008 - Masters of the UniverseJaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 22nd, 2008GP2008 - Favor the Bold DraftJaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 22nd, 2008GP2008 - Orbital ShiftJaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 21st, 2008GP2008 - TeamCupJaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 21st, 2008GP2008 - Mercenary DraftJaglom ShrekGermany
    Sep 21st, 2008Hamburg #34Jaglom ShrekGermany
    Nov 15th, 2008Nürnberg #14Jaglom ShrekGermany
    Oct 26th, 2008SPIEL 2008 STCCG TournamentJaglom ShrekGermanyimageimageimage
    Aug 30th, 2008Hannover #96Jaglom ShrekGermanyimageimageimage
    Dec 13th, 2008Hannover #99 - Race to Santa ClauseJaglom ShrekGermanyimageimage
    Oct 5th, 2008Stuttgart #06Jaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Nov 22nd, 2008GRAND PRIX 2008Jaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Nov 2nd, 2008Hannover #98Jaglom ShrekGermanyimageimage
    Sep 14th, 2008Hannover #97Jaglom ShrekGermanyimageimage
    Jul 27th, 2008EC 2008 - Day 2Jaglom ShrekGermanyimageimage
    Jul 26th, 2008EC 2008 - Day 1Jaglom ShrekGermanyimageimage
    May 25th, 2008The Undiscovered Country Release SealedJaglom ShrekGermany
    Jun 8th, 2008Deutsche STCCG Meisterschaft 2008 - Day 2Jaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Jun 7th, 2008Deutsche STCCG Meisterschaft 2008 - Day 1Jaglom ShrekGermany
    Apr 20th, 2008ST2E Regional 2008 - Germany (Hamburg)Jaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Mar 15th, 2008Hannover #93Jaglom ShrekGermany
    Feb 23rd, 2008What You Leave Behind Release SealedJaglom ShrekGermany
    Jan 5th, 2008Heilige Drei Könige TurnierJaglom ShrekGermanyimage
    Jan 19th, 2008Hannover #91Jaglom ShrekGermanyimageimage

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