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InterCityHotel Celle


InterCityHotel Celle
Nordwall 20-22
29221 Celle / Niedersachsen

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This location does not have any contact persons yet.


The following tournaments have taken place at this location or are planned there in the fututre:

1E Constructed tournament - 2014-2015 Trek Mastersimage2014-10-05Telak
Celler Heilige Drei Könige Turnierimage2012-01-07Jaglom Shrek
Celler Neujahrsturnierimage2011-01-02Jaglom Shrek
GRAND PRIX XI - Limited Welcomeimage2010-11-07Jaglom Shrek
GRAND PRIX XI - 1E OTF Challengeimage2010-11-07Jaglom Shrek
GRAND PRIX XI - Main Eventimage2010-11-06Jaglom Shrek
GRAND PRIX XI - Back to the Futureimage2010-11-06Jaglom Shrek
GRAND PRIX XI - Last Man Standingimage2010-11-06Jaglom Shrek
GRAND PRIX XI - Epic Battleimage2010-11-05Jaglom Shrek
GRAND PRIX XI - TeamPlayimage2010-11-05Jaglom Shrek
GRAND PRIX XI - Virtual Onlyimage2010-11-05Jaglom Shrek
Masters of the Universeimage2009-10-11Jaglom Shrek
IronManimage2009-10-10Jaglom Shrek
Grand Priximage2009-10-10Jaglom Shrek
Girls Unitedimage2009-10-10Jaglom Shrek
The Game That Livedimage2009-10-10Jaglom Shrek
Orion Slave Draftimage2009-10-10Jaglom Shrek
Double-Bladed-Duelimage2009-10-09Jaglom Shrek
Team Challenge Multiplayerimage2009-10-09Jaglom Shrek
Regional 2009: Celle (L2)image2009-04-05Jaglom Shrek
DLM 2009: Celleimage2009-03-08Jaglom Shrek
GP2008 - Masters of the Universeimage2008-11-23Jaglom Shrek
GP2008 - Orbital Shiftimage2008-11-22Jaglom Shrek
GP2008 - Favor the Bold Draftimage2008-11-22Jaglom Shrek
GP2008 - First Edition Openimage2008-11-22Jaglom Shrek
GRAND PRIX 2008image2008-11-22Jaglom Shrek
GP2008 - Mercenary Draftimage2008-11-21Jaglom Shrek
GP2008 - TeamCupimage2008-11-21Jaglom Shrek
Heilige Drei Könige Turnierimage2008-01-05Jaglom Shrek
2E Farpoint Draftimage2007-11-25Jaglom Shrek
GP2007 - Random Affiliation Constructedimage2007-11-25Jaglom Shrek
Grand Prix 2007image2007-11-24palortoff
2E Orbital Shiftimage2007-11-24KaiserK
GP2007 - ST1E X-List Constructedimage2007-11-24Jaglom Shrek
Dangerous Missions Draftimage2007-11-24Jaglom Shrek
Random Affiliation Constructedimage2007-11-23Jaglom Shrek
Team Multiplayer Championshipimage2007-11-23Jaglom Shrek
Mercenary Draftimage2007-11-23Jaglom Shrek
Celle #92image2007-10-14Jaglom Shrek

Groups at this location

No group is associated with this location.