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CVJM Kassel e.V.


CVJM Kassel e.V.
Wolfsschlucht 21
34117 Kassel / Hessen

Contact persons

This location does not have any contact persons yet.


The following tournaments have taken place at this location or are planned there in the fututre:

European Continentals 2018 - Day Twoimage2018-07-29Telak
European Continental Champions 2018image2018-07-28Telak
European Continentals 2018 - Day Oneimage2018-07-28Telak
Kassel Regional 2014image2014-06-21Telak
Kassel Regional 2013image2013-06-29Telak
Regional 2012 - Kasselimage2012-06-16Telak
Deutsche Meisterschaft 2011image2011-06-26Decipher-Games
German Nationalimage2010-06-20thsch
German National - Warm Upimage2010-06-19cwlborg
Deutsche Meisterschaft 2009 - Day 2image2009-06-21Jaglom Shrek
Deutsche Meisterschaft 2009 - Day 1image2009-06-20Jaglom Shrek
Deutsche STCCG Meisterschaft 2008 - Day 2image2008-06-08Jaglom Shrek
Deutsche STCCG Meisterschaft 2008 - Day 1image2008-06-07Jaglom Shrek
Deutsche ST2E Meisterschaften 2006 - Finalsimage2006-05-28Telak
Deutsche ST2E Meisterschaften 2006 - Day 1image2006-05-27Telak
Deutschen Meisterschaft 2005image2005-06-05Telak

Groups at this location

No group is associated with this location.