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One Best Deck Contest: JASON

    This Deck was build by mrben and was published first on "Decipher's Website (" at Jun 11th, 2009.

    Warnings for this deck!
    You can not have Hero AND Villian cards in you deck (all cards must correspond to you character and must be either Hero OR Villian)!

    One Best Deck Contest: JASON

    Deck listing:


    Jason VoorheesJason Voorhees (1 R 64)

    Draw Cards:
    Condition (8)
    2xvillianRemember the Fantastic Four? (2 C 74)
    3xvillianRotting Memories (1 U 72)
    3xvillianWhat Jason Wants (1 U 75)
    Effect (3)
    1xvillianEscape (2 R 84)
    1xvillianGasoline, Danger (2 R 70)
    1xvillianUnder No Circumstances (2 R 78)
    Instant (15)
    3xvillianHand Trap (1 U 79)
    3xvillianHome Field Advantage (1 U 67)
    1xvillianLoud and Clear (1 U 70)
    3xheroRegeneration (2 C 22)
    3xvillianTorture You? That's a Good Idea (2 C 77)
    2xvillianWhat's Going On? (2 C 79)

    Fight Cards:
    3xvillianHorrific Rage (1 U 68)
    3xvillianP-11 (2 C 97)
    3xvillianP-7 (1 U 95)
    3xvillianS-7 (1 U 99)
    1xvillianThe Drop (1 R 101)

    Hints & strategie notes for this Deck

    Tim’s rationale for selecting this deck:
    mrben’s deck is built off selecting the fights you want to win, and letting the others go, saving resources for fights you know give you an advantage. There is an old Chinese saying, a well-aimed spear is worth three. So pick your fights, and hit them hard. Be willing to lose some fights while using your resource manipulation to set the draw stack and fight stack in your favor. Salvage what you can on those left-side skirmishes to get something from those fights to set them up for the kill.