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Tradelists for FK "One"

    InfoNameRarityTypeHavesWantslast update of a corresponding tradelist
    FK 1 R 1Ash WilliamsRareCharacter505 years ago
    FK 1 C 2An Eye on My ShoulderCommonEffect606 years ago
    FK 1 U 3Ash's ChainsawUncommonGear406 years ago
    FK 1 U 4Into My HandUncommonCondition306 years ago
    FK 1 U 5New HandUncommonInstant306 years ago
    FK 1 U 6Not Lookin' for Any TroubleUncommonCondition306 years ago
    FK 1 U 7Pit FiendUncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 U 8Something Dark in the WoodsUncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 U 9The NecronomiconUncommonInstant306 years ago
    FK 1 U 10This is My BoomstickUncommonCondition406 years ago
    FK 1 U 11Who Wants Some?UncommonFight Card406 years ago
    FK 1 C 12Wrong BookCommonEffect606 years ago
    FK 1 U 13You're Going DownUncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 R 14Chev CheliosRareCharacter505 years ago
    FK 1 U 15CongratulationsUncommonInstant306 years ago
    FK 1 U 16EveUncommonCondition306 years ago
    FK 1 U 17Excitement, Fear, DangerUncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 U 18Haitian VoodooUncommonInstant306 years ago
    FK 1 U 19Have Yourself a Nice DeathUncommonInstant306 years ago
    FK 1 U 20I'm the TerminatorUncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 21Keeping You AliveUncommonCondition306 years ago
    FK 1 U 22Stainless-steel Meat CleaverUncommonGear306 years ago
    FK 1 U 23Stayin' AliveUncommonCondition306 years ago
    FK 1 U 24The JobUncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 U 25The White Man is Cool!UncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 U 26Want to Hold Hands?UncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 R 27John RamboRareCharacter505 years ago
    FK 1 C 28A Good Supply of Body BagsCommonEffect606 years ago
    FK 1 C 29Attack DogsCommonEffect606 years ago
    FK 1 U 30Breaking the Road BlockUncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 C 31Colonel Samuel TrautmanCommonCondition606 years ago
    FK 1 U 32Don't Push ItUncommonInstant306 years ago
    FK 1 U 33Hoyt/Easton Compound BowUncommonGear306 years ago
    FK 1 C 34Mission AccomplishedCommonInstant606 years ago
    FK 1 U 35PreparationUncommonInstant306 years ago
    FK 1 U 36Right on His TailUncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 U 37They Drew First BloodUncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 C 38You're Finished!CommonCondition606 years ago
    FK 1 U 39M-1UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 40M-2UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 41M-3UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 42M-4UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 C 43P-1CommonFight Card606 years ago
    FK 1 C 44P-2CommonFight Card606 years ago
    FK 1 C 45P-3CommonFight Card606 years ago
    FK 1 U 46P-4UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 47S-1UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 48S-2UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 49S-3UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 50S-4UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 R 51Hannibal LectorRareCharacter505 years ago
    FK 1 U 52A Nice ChiantiUncommonCondition406 years ago
    FK 1 U 53Bon AppetitUncommonInstant306 years ago
    FK 1 C 54Buffalo Bill's GunCommonGear606 years ago
    FK 1 U 55ClubbedUncommonEffect406 years ago
    FK 1 C 56It Rubs the Lotion on Ist SkinCommonCondition606 years ago
    FK 1 C 57MementosCommonEffect606 years ago
    FK 1 C 58Night VisionCommonEffect606 years ago
    FK 1 U 59Prison SurveilanceUncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 U 60Quid Pro QuoUncommonFight Card406 years ago
    FK 1 C 61The Death's Head MothCommonInstant606 years ago
    FK 1 C 62TransformationCommonEffect606 years ago
    FK 1 U 63TrophyUncommonCondition306 years ago
    FK 1 R 64Jason VoorheesRareCharacter505 years ago
    FK 1 U 65Child's EndUncommonInstant306 years ago
    FK 1 U 66FearUncommonInstant306 years ago
    FK 1 U 67Home Field AdvantageUncommonInstant306 years ago
    FK 1 U 68Horrific RageUncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 69Lair of the BeastUncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 U 70Loud and ClearUncommonInstant306 years ago
    FK 1 U 71Possible HomicideUncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 U 72Rotting MemoriesUncommonCondition306 years ago
    FK 1 U 73Vile MacheteUncommonGear306 years ago
    FK 1 C 74WaitingCommonEffect606 years ago
    FK 1 U 75What Jason WantsUncommonCondition306 years ago
    FK 1 R 76JigsawRareCharacter505 years ago
    FK 1 U 77Death MaskUncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 U 78Furnace TrapUncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 U 79Hand TrapUncommonInstant306 years ago
    FK 1 U 80I Want to Play a GameUncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 81In the Back of Your MindUncommonCondition306 years ago
    FK 1 U 82Let the Games BeginUncommonCondition306 years ago
    FK 1 C 83Live or Die…CommonEffect606 years ago
    FK 1 U 84Magnum Eyehole TrapUncommonGear316 years ago
    FK 1 U 85Needle in a HaystackUncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 U 86Puzzle PiecesUncommonEffect306 years ago
    FK 1 U 87Reverse Bear TrapUncommonCondition306 years ago
    FK 1 U 88TwistUncommonInstant306 years ago
    FK 1 C 89M-5CommonFight Card606 years ago
    FK 1 C 90M-6CommonFight Card606 years ago
    FK 1 U 91M-7UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 92M-8UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 93P-5UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 94P-6UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 95P-7UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 96P-8UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 97S-5UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 98S-6UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 99S-7UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 U 100S-8UncommonFight Card306 years ago
    FK 1 R 101The DropRareFight Card306 years ago