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"baschti's" tradelist overview for ST1E

    You see a overview of availible tradelists for Star Trek First Edition form openCards memeber "baschti" here. To get more details, click on the name of a expansion or special set below and you will see the trade cards from "baschti" that belongs to that expansions or special set. Hint: You will see only those ST1E expansions and special sets here, where "baschti" has editied "Haves" and/or "Wants" in his or her collection before. So, if you miss a expansion or special set here, it's because "baschti" has no corresponding trade cards edited in his or her collection on openCards. Please keep also in mind: a user may mark a card multiple times for "Haves" or/and "Wants" - this could be a explanation for high numbers of "Haves" and "Wants" for a single expansion.

    "baschti's" tradelist overview for Star Trek First Edition expansions:

    Expansion# Haves# WantsLast update
    Premiere WB94 Premiere WB94104 years ago
    Premiere WB95 Premiere WB952104 years ago
    Alternate Universe Alternate Universe3104 years ago
    Q-Continuum Q-Continuum4704 years ago
    First Contact First Contact2304 years ago
    Deep Space Nine Deep Space Nine4104 years ago
    The Dominion The Dominion2404 years ago
    Blaze of Glory Blaze of Glory5834 years ago
    Rules of Acquisition Rules of Acquisition2804 years ago
    The Trouble with Tribbles The Trouble with Tribbles4704 years ago
    Reflections Reflections5224 years ago
    Mirror, Mirror Mirror, Mirror2304 years ago
    Voyager Voyager11704 years ago
    The Borg The Borg3904 years ago
    Holodeck Adventures Holodeck Adventures12404 years ago
    The Motion Pictures The Motion Pictures7404 years ago

    "baschti's" tradelist overview for Star Trek First Edition special sets:

    Special Set# Haves# WantsLast update
    Promotion Cards Promotion Cards024 years ago
    Tournament Foils Tournament Foils1074 years ago
    Oversize Cards Oversize Cards024 years ago
    Warp Pack Warp Pack104 years ago
    Official Tournament Sealed Deck Official Tournament Sealed Deck3804 years ago
    Away Team Pack Away Team Pack204 years ago
    Premiere Starter Deck II Premiere Starter Deck II1404 years ago
    Enhanced First Contact Enhanced First Contact404 years ago
    Second Anthology Second Anthology104 years ago
    Enhanced Premiere Enhanced Premiere204 years ago

    Within this selection you can generate PDF files about the Tradelists ("Haves" and "Wants") of openCards user "baschti". Simply click on one of the following links and the automatically generated PDF list will open (only condition: you must have an PDF reader on you local computer).

    baschti's Tradelist: haves & wants
    baschti's: haves only
    baschti's: wants only
    baschti's: Star Trek First Edition haves & wants
    baschti's: Star Trek First Edition haves only
    baschti's: Star Trek First Edition wants only