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Our ocWriterTeam on openCards:

  • imageFight Klub: No active ocWriterTeam member at this time!
  • imageLord of the Rings: No active ocWriterTeam member at this time!
  • imageStar Trek First Edition: Dukat
  • imageStar Trek Second Edition: Jaglom Shrek, KaiserK, Tribble
  • imageStar Wars: No active ocWriterTeam member at this time!


As ocWirtingTeam member your mission is to take care that all information about "your" game is correct and actual on openCards. Therefore you should post news about "your" game as News article e.g. when a new Expansion or a rule update arrives. Another possible task could be to post articles from other websites and/or authors here on openCards, when you think that we should not miss those articles here.
Furthermore beside the News article there are two other types of articles, who can only be published by members of the ocWriterTerm: Interviews and Big-Events. As member of the ocWirtingTeam you can use this article types e.g. to promote Big-Events like world championships is a special way.