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ocSupporters: ocTechnicalStaff

Our actual ocTechnicalStaff team on openCards:

    No active ocTechnicalStaff team member at this time!


Our ocTechnicalStaff members are responsable for all technical stuff that makes this site run - including the development and bug fixing of all mudules written for the special functionality of openCards like the Games section or the Tradeplac.
openCards depends on the open source content management system Drupal. So all special features of openCards are developed as Drupal mudules using the basic mechanism of Drupal like session handling or user management.
There is always a lot to do - and we have still so many ideas, what could be done.... Therefor we are looking for Drupal developers who know the basic mechanism of Drupal as pre-condition to add further extensive functionality to our system. But there are also smaller work packages to do - so if you are a PHP developer without Drupal knowledge you can help us here - assumed you are willing to learn the basic Drupal mechanism by yourself while working on such a package. And last but not least you can also help us when you are a Web-Designer - if you have ideas e.g. how we can make the diffenrent game areas more game specific you are welcome with your ideas.