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ocSupporters: ocGameAdmin

Our actual ocGameAdmin team on openCards:


As ocGameAdmin you can help us to aministrate the "Interactive Card Database" for "your" favorite game. Therefor each ocGameAdmin has the following special rights:

  • He or she can add new expansions to our database. When a new expansion arrives this is the pre-condition to add the new cards that belongs to that expansion to our database. This is also the place where a ocGameAdmin can edit a short text about that expansion that shows up with the expansion inside the openCards Library.
  • He or she can add and change the "Base Information" of a card - a set of basic attributes that describes each card on openCards (independent of the game it's belongs to). The "Base Information" includes: card title, cards type, rarity, UCT-ID, language of the card and some more information about print style of the card.
  • He or she can add additional collector information for a card. Useful first of all for Promotion cards - e.g. to document the event for which this card was printed like a Big-Event. But you can use this function to add all useful information from a collectors point of view about a single cards you can imagine.
  • He or she can add a alternate background text for a reprinted card. Reprinted cards will recieve all thier game information from the "original" by default - but sometimes a reprinted card has the same game text but a different background text and you must use this function to mark this.
  • He or she can reopen the logging of a card, that is already finally proved (state "logged by oC" or "logged by community") to allow the community to change the game text f a card again (e.g. to eleminate a bug or to add a Errata).
  • He or she can administrate the default values for the information on the different cards that are used for the logging of the cards inside the database. If you e.g. can choose different ship types of a card using a select box and a new card arrives with a new ship type, that new ship type must be added to the databse before he shows up inside that select box.