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Paulaner am Thielenplatz


Paulaner am Thielenplatz
Prinzenstr. 1
30159 Hannover / Niedersachsen

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The following tournaments have taken place at this location or are planned there in the fututre:

Jahresausklang/ Weihnachtsturnierimage2011-12-17zippercommander
Auf in den Frühling...image2011-03-05zippercommander
Turnier Hannoverimage2010-09-05zippercommander
Alles neu macht der Maiimage2010-05-09zippercommander
Liga Event (Rückrunde) Hannoverimage2010-04-18zippercommander
Spontanturnier in Hannoverimage2010-02-28Jaglom Shrek
Hannoveraner Weihnachtsturnierimage2009-12-20zippercommander
Hannover 102 - Star Trek Liga Auftakt!!image2009-10-04zippercommander
The day/ tournament afterimage2009-09-06zippercommander
Hannover 100 - The Big Goodbye Jubiläumsturnierimage2009-07-26Jaglom Shrek
Hannover #98image2008-11-02Jaglom Shrek
Hannover #97image2008-09-14Jaglom Shrek
The Undiscovered Country Release Sealedimage2008-05-25Jaglom Shrek

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