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Franz Josefs Kai 29
1010 Wien (Vienna)

Contact persons

Julius Melhardt
TD, owner
Email: Julius.Melhardt@gmx.at


The following tournaments have taken place at this location or are planned there in the fututre:

European Continental Champions 2017image2017-07-16Telak
European Continentals 2017 - Day Twoimage2017-07-16Telak
European Continentals 2017 - Day Oneimage2017-07-15Telak
EC 2016 - Day Twoimage2016-07-24Telak
European Continental Champions 2016 - Day 2image2016-07-23Telak
EC 2016 - Day Oneimage2016-07-23Telak
European Continental Champions 2016 - Day 1image2016-07-22Telak
European Continental Champions 2013image2013-07-21Telak
European Continentals 2013 - Day Twoimage2013-07-21Telak
European Continentals 2013 - Day Oneimage2013-07-20Telak
European Continentals 2011 - Day Twoimage2011-07-24Telak
European Continentals 2011 - Day Oneimage2011-07-23Telak
European Continental Champions 2011image2011-07-22Telak
2E Constructed Standard @ Vienna, Austriaimage2008-10-19Clerasil ToB
2E Constructed Standard @ Vienna, Austria August 31st 2008image2008-08-31Clerasil ToB
2E Reflections 2.0 Sealed Klaus Formimage2008-07-20Clerasil ToB
ST2E Regional 2008 - Austria (Wien)image2008-06-01Clerasil ToB
2E Constructed Standard @ Wien am 13.04.2008image2008-04-13Clerasil ToB
2E Constructed Standard @ Wienimage2008-03-09Clerasil ToB
SEALED TOURNAMENT, WYLBimage2008-02-03Old Kor

Groups at this location

No group is associated with this location.