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Bremer Turnier News

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    About this group

    Leader of this group: Telak.

    News around the Bremer ST1E and ST2E tournaments. Please join this group if you are interested in playing tournaments in Bremen (Germany). Lieutenant-Telak

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    User nameGroup member since
    Dunnagh10 years 4 months
    Dukat11 years 6 months
    TGM11 years 9 months
    Jaglom Shrek12 years 11 months
    Lt.Cmdr. Scanman14 years 4 months
    Allarick14 years 6 months
    Sandra14 years 10 months
    Roga Danar14 years 10 months
    palortoff14 years 11 months
    garetjax14 years 11 months
    dalrok14 years 11 months
    Tribble14 years 11 months
    Telak (leader)15 years 3 months


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    Bismarckstr. 87
    28203 Bremen