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ST2E Tournament - "ST2E Regional 2008 - Schweden"

    This Tournament was announced and operated by openCards user Torbjörn Lindquist (Linkan) and was published first on "The Continuing Committee (".


    imageThis Tournament is part of the schedule for the Big-Event Regionals 2008.

    Results: (published by Telak)

    RankPlayerPointsAffiliationAdditional informationDecklist
    1 Anna Andersson
    Borg Two Mission Solver
    13Borg iconHead to Headimage
    2 13Bajoran icon
    3SE teferi11Dominion icon
    4 Joakim Mäki9Klingon icon
    5 Thomas Brink8TNG iconHead to Head
    6 Jonas Hoflin8Borg icon
    7SE Linkan7Ferengi iconDS9 icon


    Date: Apr 26th, 2008
    Category: Regional Championship
    Format: Constructed (Standard)
    Level: Level 2 (Regionals and Nationals)
    Region: Gamma-01
    Styx - Östersund (Sweden)
    Location contact: Torbjörn Lindquist (070-2217196)
    Number of participants: 7
    Played Rounds: 5

    Tournament director

    TD: Linkan (log in OR create a new account to write TD a private message)

    Invitation text

    Due to unforseen events, the tournament had to be moved to April 26. I appologize any inconveniences.


    Pre tournament registration for this tournament is handled on TrekCC tournament page.


    Your contact for this tournament: Torbjörn Lindquist
    CC and openCards handle: Linkan