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ST2E Tournament - "Sommerausklangsturnier Kassel 2011"

    This Tournament was announced and operated by openCards user Carsten Weller (cwlborg).

    Also see News article about this Tournament here.

    Results: (published by cwlborg)

    RankPlayerPointsAffiliationAdditional information
    1 Goran20Earth icon
    2 saki 22316Terok Nor icon
    3 EzriForever13Bajoran icon
    4 cwlborg10VOY iconSoS 56
    5 Jakob Herath10Dominion iconSoS 54
    6 McCatter10Starfleet iconSoS 47
    7 Benjamin Liebich8TOS icon
    8 Philipp Scholz7Dominion icon


    Date: Aug 20th, 2011
    Format: Constructed (Standard)
    Level: Level 1 (Standard tournaments)
    Region: Gamma-03
    Comic-Galerie - Kassel (Germany)
    Location contact: none deposited
    Number of participants: 8
    Played Rounds: 5

    Tournament director

    TD: cwlborg (log in OR create a new account to write TD a private message)

    Invitation text