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Essen SPIEL'08 Chairman's Challenge - back on the big stage!

    This Tournament-Report article was written by openCards user Jaglom Shrek at Oct 26th, 2008.

    Tournament-Report from the Tournament "SPIEL 2008 STCCG Tournament".

    Finally Essen SPIEL'08 is home of the STCCG again - at least for tournament players as near the international game convention the second German (and fourth in total) Chairman's Challenge took place in Essen. A total of 10 players from three nationalities showed up of whom six accepted the challenge of our Chairman Charlie Plaine: To Build, play with, and win with a Neutral Zone Deck.

    Currently round 1 is running and this report will work as live-coverage for all the players out there that didn't have the opportunity to attend this great tournament. The first game between Tobias Rausmann (C*) and Tyler Fultz already ended with a fast win for Tyler. In the meantime two other players with Neutral Zone decks got defeated by their non-zone opponents. Let's see aout their performance in later rounds - will a Neutral Zone deck be to win this tournament?

    Affiliation overview:

    1x Bajoran Bajor

    4x Next Generation related card Earth (3x Neutral Zone)

    1x Ferengi Ferenginar

    3x Romulan Romulus (3x Neutral Zone)

    1x Klingon Qu'noS


    Over the course of the next rounds Tyler continued to dominate the tournament with his Reyga-deck closely followed by Tjark Ott (C) who only lost a game against the Ferengi. All-times favorite Tobias Rausmann (C) only lost against both Tyler and Kathleen Fultz and tried to defend his chance for the GUYS foil against Tjark in the last game. Other players fighting for the special prize were Timo Catterfeld (C) and Sandra Wanek (C) while Thomas Vorwerk (C) and Peter van der Helm (C) weren't able to be ranked in the top places. Although not successful the Klingon battle deck of Christian Zipper shaked up a lot of these players' decks and added a lot of flavor to dominating solvers. To quote a player: "Maybe next Chairman's Challenge could be a battle-oriented format? Would be fun!".


    See pictures of the tournament here! 


    *players marked this way accepted the challenge and fight for their unique copy of a Getting Under Your Skin foil.

    Tournament gallery

    Don't miss Essen SPIEL'09: October 22nd to 25th! The last game is running... Final game between the Fultz Family. In the end Tyler won unbeaten with his Ferengi Reyga solver. The &quot;Chairman in charge&quot; Thorsten Wanek wear this brand new badge - more to come as prizes on future tournaments. Vote Obama! :) <p>It's can be profitable to get ranked last ...</p> The exclusive foils are still on hold at the tax office but the Chairman sent the Ro Laren alternate images promocard - added by a variety of other promo cards and boosters. Tyler Fultz decided to stay with his Ferengi outside the Neutral Zone as well as his opponent Auwerd Bijker, who played a Federation solver attempting Hunt for DNA program. Peter van der Helm accepted the challenge of playing Neutral Zone Romulans against Sandra Waneks Federation Neutral Zone deck. Christian Zippers Klingons fight against a Romulan discard engine by Thomas Vorwerk. Kathleen Fultz playing Bajorans against Tjark Otts successful interpretation of a Neutral Zone Federation deck. Tobias Rausmann against Timo Catterfeld with Federation against Romulans in the Neutral Zone. The brand new InterCityHotel is host of the Essen SPIEL 08 Chairmans Challenge. <p>Reception and bar - what else do you need?</p> Welcome to the Chairmans Challenge! <p>TD registration desk. In total 10 players of different nationalities attended the second Chairmans Challenge in Germany.</p> View on the first round. <p>Even two female players attended the tournament!</p> The lobby ...