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ST2E Tournament - "SPIEL 2008 STCCG Tournament"

    This Tournament was announced and operated by openCards user Thorsten Wanek (Jaglom Shrek).


    "Essen SPIEL'08 Chairman's Challenge - back on the big stage!"
    Also see News article about this Tournament here.

    Results: (published by Jaglom Shrek)

    1US Ramata Klan
    CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 1/10 Winner
    15Ferengi iconimage
    2DE Tjark
    CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 3/10
    11TNG iconimage
    3DE garetjax
    CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 2/10 Runner-Up
    11TNG iconimage
    4DE KathleenF
    CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 4/10
    11Bajoran iconimage
    5DE Sandra
    CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 5/10
    10TNG iconimage
    6DE Tribble
    CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 6/10
    9Romulan iconimage
    7DE McCatter
    CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 7/10
    9Romulan iconimage
    CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 8/10
    7TNG iconimage
    9DE zippercommander
    CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 9/10
    7Klingon iconimage
    10 Peter van der Helm
    CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 10/10
    6Romulan iconimage

    Tournament gallery

    Don't miss Essen SPIEL'09: October 22nd to 25th! The last game is running... Final game between the Fultz Family. In the end Tyler won unbeaten with his Ferengi Reyga solver. The &quot;Chairman in charge&quot; Thorsten Wanek wear this brand new badge - more to come as prizes on future tournaments. Vote Obama! :) <p>It's can be profitable to get ranked last ...</p> The exclusive foils are still on hold at the tax office but the Chairman sent the Ro Laren alternate images promocard - added by a variety of other promo cards and boosters. Tyler Fultz decided to stay with his Ferengi outside the Neutral Zone as well as his opponent Auwerd Bijker, who played a Federation solver attempting Hunt for DNA program. Peter van der Helm accepted the challenge of playing Neutral Zone Romulans against Sandra Waneks Federation Neutral Zone deck. Christian Zippers Klingons fight against a Romulan discard engine by Thomas Vorwerk. Kathleen Fultz playing Bajorans against Tjark Otts successful interpretation of a Neutral Zone Federation deck. Tobias Rausmann against Timo Catterfeld with Federation against Romulans in the Neutral Zone. The brand new InterCityHotel is host of the Essen SPIEL 08 Chairmans Challenge. <p>Reception and bar - what else do you need?</p> Welcome to the Chairmans Challenge! <p>TD registration desk. In total 10 players of different nationalities attended the second Chairmans Challenge in Germany.</p> View on the first round. <p>Even two female players attended the tournament!</p> The lobby ...


    Date: Oct 26th, 2008
    Format: Constructed (Standard)
    Level: Level 3 (Continentals)
    Region: Gamma-03
    InterCityHotel Essen - Essen (Germany)
    Location contact: none deposited
    Number of participants: 10
    Played Rounds: 5

    Tournament director

    TD: Jaglom Shrek (log in OR create a new account to write TD a private message)

    Invitation text

    STCCG returns to Essen SPIEL (! The tournament takes place near the game fair area and directly at the railway station Essen Central (one subway station from the fair grounds, see pictures). A special format and exciting new prizes wait for you!

    Are you ready to accept the challenge? More information available here!

    You may also register at TrekCC for this tournament. 

    *reduced entry fee if you show your SPIEL'08 ticket