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    Overview Decks with "Investigate Massacre"

    27 Decks found.

    createddeck titleplayeraffiliationevent
    Sep, 2018PrideDaniel MattesonRelativity iconWorlds 2017
    Jun, 2018You Can't Keep a Good Scientist Down V 1.1.2aCorbin JohnsonRelativity iconNACC 2018
    May, 2018Rebel With a CauseNathan MiracleDS9 icon
    Sep, 2016Josef Lemberger - ECC 2015Old KorRelativity iconEC 2015
    Sep, 2016EM: Helas The Future?Relativity iconEC 2015
    Sep, 2016Relativity 1.6Mr SladeRelativity iconEC 2015
    Sep, 2016Mr Slades Relativity - 2016 WorldsMr SladeRelativity iconWorlds 2016
    Sep, 2016RomulanEmma HardingRomulan iconWorlds 2015
    Aug, 2014Relativity 1.2Mr SladeRelativity iconEC 2014
    Aug, 2014Relativity 1.1Mr SladeRelativity iconEC 2014
    Aug, 2014Infinite Loop1.1saki 223Relativity iconEC 2013
    Aug, 2014DS9E CadetNeal LawsonEarth iconNACC 2013
    Aug, 2014Oh My !saki 223Relativity iconWorlds 2013
    Aug, 2014Time VortexregliasRelativity iconRegionals 2014
    Aug, 2014No time for more shipsgaretjaxRelativity iconRegionals 2013
    Aug, 2014Infinite Loopsaki 223Relativity iconRegionals 2013
    Sep, 2012Romulan investigators v2Nickolay KorotyaRomulan iconEC 2012
    Aug, 2012Velveta DipJeremy BenedictEarth iconWorlds 2011
    Aug, 2009EC 2009 - Day 2: Toias MeyerfuffzichcentRomulan iconEC 2009
    Oct, 2008CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 2/10 Runner-UpgaretjaxTNG icon
    Oct, 2008CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 3/10TjarkTNG icon
    Oct, 2008CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 5/10SandraTNG icon
    Oct, 2008CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 6/10TribbleRomulan icon
    Oct, 2008CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 7/10McCatterRomulan icon
    Oct, 2008CC Essen SPIEL'08 - 10/10Peter van der HelmRomulan icon
    Jul, 2008He is dead Jim!GoranTOS iconEC 2008
    Apr, 2008Patrol Neutral ZoneDejanRomulan iconRegionals 2008

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