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At this time there are 6 FK News articles in our database.
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By default the 20 last published News articles are shown here, but only 6 News articles are listed here at this time:

CreatedNews titleAuthorLanguage
Jan, 2010Main Update for Fight Klub area!WebMasterarticle in english language
Oct, 2009The Drop - the official Fight Klub TCG newsletterWebMasterarticle in english language
Jul, 2009NEW: Fight Klub Deck sectionWebMasterarticle in english language
Jun, 2009Fight Klub Update- Tournament section opened!WebMasterarticle in english language
May, 2009Fight Klub Update 05/2009Telakarticle in english language
May, 2009NEU: Fight Klub "Games" Area auf openCards!WebMasterarticle in german language