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    Sam, Son of Hamfast

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    LotR libraryCollector's Info

    Common card from The Fellowship of the Ring (Copyright 2001)
    UCT-ID : LotR 1 C 311 (manufactor info on card: 1 C 311)
    Print-Style : color (standard) / black border / non-foil
    List of "reprints" for Sam, Son of Hamfast:
    - 1 CF 311 from The Fellowship of the Ring
    List of "reprints" in other languages for Sam, Son of Hamfast:
    - 1 C 311 (de) - Sam, Sohn des Hamfast from Die Gefährten (first print)
    List of "personas" (same card title) for Sam:
    - Sam, Faithful Companion (LotR 1 R 310) - The Fellowship of the Ring
    - Sam, Proper Poet (LotR 2 C 114) - Mines of Moria
    - Sam, Frodo's Gardener (LotR 4 R 315) - The Two Towers
    - Sam, Samwise the Brave (LotR 4 C 316) - The Two Towers
    - Sam, Nice Sensible Hobbit (LotR 5 U 115) - Battle of Helms Deep
    - Sam, Needer of Vittles (LotR 7 C 326) - The Return of the King
    - Sam, Resolute Halfling (LotR 7 R 327) - The Return of the King
    - Sam, Great Elf Warrior (LotR 10 P 122) - Mount Doom
    - Sam, Steadfast Friend (LotR 11 U 172) - Shadows
    - Sam, Bearer of Great Need (LotR 13 R 156) - Bloodlines
    - Sam, Innocent Traveler (LotR 15 R 153) - The Hunters
    - Sam, Loyal Friend (LotR 19 P 32) - Age's End
    - Sam, Lover of Trees (LotR 0 W 13) - Triumph and Menace Series

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    LotR libraryDecks

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    - "The Rohan / Trust deck" by Matt Clemans
    - "Elves and Rohan" by Richard Peiper
    - "Warg-riders!" by Unknown
    - "Possession Denial" by Paul Pierce
    - "Gollum and the Nazgul" by Matt Clemans
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