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Non-Aligned icon Jovis


    Zibalian transport and merchant vessel commanded by Kivas Fajo. Houses his collection of rare and one-of-a-kind objects. Used to imprison Data in 2366.

    Non-aligned Non-Aligned icon  Ship Ship  - Zibalian Class
    Staffing requirements: Staff
    Ship Equipment: Standard Equipment
    Special skill(s): Once per game, may capture an android on an undocked ship here.  Special Download Kivas Fajo.

    The following cards can be used as "matching commander" for Jovis:

    Characteristics: "Continuing Mission"-related cards, Capture, Affiliation Non-Aligned "affiliation", Merchant vessel, Transport.
    Requires: Android "species".

    Card logging info: Logged by openCards team at May 1st, 2009.

    ST1E libraryCollector's Info

    Virtual card from Virtual Promos Virtual Promos (by The Continuing Committee)
    Image Source: The Next Generation - The Most Toys (Season 3 - Episode 22)
    UCT-ID : ST1E 0 VP 207 (manufactor info on card: 207 VP)
    Print-Style : color (standard) / black border / foil / alternate image (in comparison with the first print)

    Additional openCards collector info: Trek Masters 2018

    List of "reprints" for Jovis:

    - ST1E 8 R 125image from Rules of Acquisition Rules of Acquisition (first print - alternate picture)

    ST1E libraryCard-Reviews

    - "Jovis" by Allen Gould at Nov 6th, 2009
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