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Non-Aligned icon Federation icon Neelix


    Talaxian jack-of-all-trades. Has served on a Trabalian freighter, mining colony, and Voyager. Serves as cook, morale officer, guide, and sometimes ambassador.

    Non-aligned Non-Aligned icon & Federation Federation icon  Personnel Personnel
    Gender: male. Species: Talaxian.
    Command & Staffing abilitys: Staff
    Icons (other): Delta Quadrant
    Classification: CIVILIAN
    Red Dot Anthropology   Red Dot Navigation   Red Dot Diplomacy  
    Red Dot ENGINEER   Red Dot Geology  

    Neelix counts as "matching commander" for the following ships or facilities:

    - Baxialimage (14 U 127) from Holodeck Adventures Holodeck Adventures
    List of "personas" for Neelix:
    - Neelix, Morale Officerimage (ST2E 10 R 96) from Captain's Log Captain's Log - ST1E compatible
    Neelix counts as "romantic partner" for the following personnel cards:
    - Ch'Reghaimage (13 U 96) from The Borg The Borg
    - Kesimage (12 R 164) from Voyager Voyager

    Characteristics: "Reshape the Quadrant"-related cards, Affiliation Federation affiliation, Affiliation Non-Aligned "affiliation", Ambassador, Cook, Talaxian species, matching commander, romantic partner.

    Card logging info: Logged by openCards team at May 1st, 2009.

    ST1E libraryCollector's Info

    Virtual card from Virtual Promos Virtual Promos (by The Continuing Committee)
    Image Source: Voyager - The Cloud (Season 1 - Episode 6)
    UCT-ID : ST1E 0 VP 202 (manufactor info on card: 202 VP)
    Print-Style : color (standard) / black border / foil / alternate image (in comparison with the first print)

    Additional openCards collector info: Ambassador Gift 2017

    List of "reprints" for Neelix:

    - ST1E 12 R 167image from Voyager Voyager (first print - alternate picture)
    - ST1E 12 R* 167image from Voyager Voyager (alternate picture)

    ST1E libraryCard-Reviews

    - "Slingshots kleine Karten-Bewertungs-Post 3 (Neelix)" by Decipher-Games at May 24th, 2009
    - "Neelix" by Kate De Stephen at Apr 16th, 2001
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